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Research and Development

The following research projects are currently underway:

Funding Projecttitel

Development of an all-round sliding and one-sided sliding spherical bearing made of Ultra-High-Strength Concrete (UHPC bearings); Development of permanent sliding parts for the main track planes on all sides movable and one-sided sliding UHPC spherical bearing

Shear strength of concrete and masonry of existing hydraulic structures




KaWaTech Solutions CLIENT Vietnam -

Vietnamese-German cooperation for the development of sustainable technologies for the karst water industry, TP 3



Material fatigue of onshore and offshore wind energy plants made of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete under highly cyclic loading

EWStech II

Development of verifiable quality criteria for borehole heat exchanger groutings under realistic boundary conditions


Verification of durability of chemically stressed concretes and concrete components: Evidence of chemical attack by organic and inorganic acids

From common clay to geopolymer binder - fundamental crystallographic and structural engineering investigations

SPP 2020 - Cyclic deterioration of High-Performance Concrete in an experimental-virtual lab

Experimentally supported multiscale reactive transport modeling of cement-bound materials under acid corrosion (ExpeRTa)



PhD Training Network on durable, reliable and sustainable structures with alkali-activated materials

Experimental investigations for the identification of interaction parameters combined effects on concrete components of nuclear facilities - Phase II

PhD Training Network on self-healing multifunctional advanced repair technologies in cementitious systems
(in Kooperation mit: International Federation for Structural Concrete, fib)

Analysis tool for the probabilistic reliability assessment of concrete structures of nuclear facilities with special consideration of combined environmental actions and crack formation